Saturday: The moment everyone was waiting for and the highlight of the afternoon which had folks practicing their Electric Slide in the run up. Introduced by Ronnie Herel, Miss Disco Diva herself graced the stage with backing by Bluey‘s Incognito alongside ImaaniTony Momrelle et al on backing vocals. It was only the finest British jazz-funk band for our madam of modern soul Chaka Khan. Bursting into 80’s smash hit ‘I Feel For  You’, she knocked us dead with her powerhouse vocal nodes and those leather chaps – it was just too damn fine.

Eloquently rolling into her next hit ‘Aint Nobody’ after greeting the crowd, strutting her stuff and owning her stage. Adoring fans cheered as she talked to them between songs and got her sexy little whine on at the bridge of a track, with growls and rasps a plenty, crooning the oldie but goodies. Her solo effort with just Matt Cooper, Incognito’s musical director on keyboard’s for song ‘Love Me Still’, was sang with attentive silence – and humour as Chaka took a life-sized mask of herself from an adoring fan and attached to her mic stand.

Taking it up-tempo real funky with Grammy award-winning hit ‘Tell Me Something Good’ from her heyday’s with Rufus earned her the title Queen of Funk. Her crowd-pleaser was the male/female participation with a little singing innuendo was all part of the fun. Proving such a good sport by taking a few birthday requests especially when everyone decided it was their birthday – just goes to show how this woman is loved over here.

Singing her finale track ‘I’m Every Woman’she brought the house down with her presence and never-waning vocal ability. Even with a few time tuning minors to start it was a tight band a tight performance, she was the highlight that goes without saying.

reviewed by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett