It’s been 9 months since Boddhi Satva last touched down and blew up London town. This time he brought friends from his ANCESTRAL imprint – Ivan Diaz along with hosts, Tribal Soul to deliver both their authentic music philosophies. Celebrating their second birthday Tribal Soul René Moreno and Bruno Gomes Dos Santos; are a collective offering their indigenous imprint of African house deeply ensconced in heritage via Portugal and Angola who’ve built up a niche London set who can’t get enough of their parties.

Tribal Soul Presents Ancestral feat Boddhi Satva & Ivan Diaz – Bow Bridge MR SILK

Hosted at a new swanky venue far east near Stratford,
Bow Bridge has the plushness and a decent sound system to boot to make the revellers feel comfortable enough to dress smart and sexy as well as have a good time. African tribal face-painting artist ready to get you looking the part and glow wristbands everywhere was an excellent touch. Warming up things was Mr Silk, aka Damian Silk fast becoming a regular around south London he hosts his monthly The Drums Afrohouse parties in addition to his weekly radio show The Drums on Beat London. This modest smooth operator started of his career spinning at house parties alongside Shortee Blitz before migrating to the club scene.

Travelling opened up a world of possibilities for Silk worldwide and stateside he started hosting parties for Hollywood elites Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson, Akon et al. Now honing his production skills the future is looking bright. Living up to his moniker he delivered a beautifully polished set. If there’s one way to describe his style is that it’s totally immaculate – no rough edges, just soulful, tribal, deep and all timed in the right places. I’ll be keeping my ears on him that’s for sure.

Tribal Soul Presents Ancestral feat Boddhi Satva & Ivan Diaz – Bow Bridge IVAN DIAZ

Ancestral’s co-founder, Ivan Diaz came in no-holds-barred dropping a set of explosive tracks right from the starter fence. The New Jersey native now settled in Europe amped the dance-floor and if his set were a mode of army defence, scud missile would cut it! Bomb after bomb there’s was plenty to dance about I can tell you. The floor was illuminated for sure and ready for main attraction.

No introduction needed but given one just the same by Tribal Soul is name which will become a staple household name in this city soon is Boddhi Satva. Well! I’ve seen this maverick as a few times now and I have to tell you I just can’t get enough. His sets are always a journey and the journey is never the same, there is always a different motivation, a different angle a different reason. The reason this time was Ancestral bringing the imprint to London; this was never done before and the buzz in the air was unmistakable this was what everyone here for.

Tribal Soul Presents Ancestral feat Boddhi Satva & Ivan Diaz – Bow Bridge BODDHI SATVA

Libation, roots, beats, electro, modern, trap, African undisputedly he came in on the bang of a high and il a continué et continué! If you haven’t seen the Baron Satva I implore you to the energy he brings is so high, high he gets involved himself and gets down to those beats too.

Bringing the night to a close and on the same distinctive high is one of the city’s well-loved Afrohouse DJs Aluku Rebels. A champion in these parts for the movement and the sound the past year has seen him roll from strength to strength with his own unique and unmistakable energy. Playing festivals Moondance and SuncéBeat last year as well as releasing tracks on his own label he’s a regular favourite and choice for many parties in the capital. Keep the high and with a selection of house classics on an Afro-tip my favourite being the reversion of Gypsy Woman. When you have your peers in the industry waving their towels at you, you know you’re doing more than alright.

Rene Moreno, Bruno Gomes Dos Santos and Mr Silk closed off proceedings with a back-to-back session and the lights went up with a round of applause. I can’t relay how special the night really was, Tribal Soul have something very special going on here and it’s only just the beginning. Never in my two decades of clubbing have I seen a DJ leave a club and still have his name chanted by his fans/supporters as he leaves. That is a testimony to the power of the music Boddhi Satva will offer you, it’s a feeling of elation you’ll never feel elsewhere.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

Tribal Soul Presents Ancestral feat Boddhi Satva & Ivan Diaz – Bow Bridge