Record Label: BBE

Masaaki Yoshida the artist/producer known as Anchorsong is a quiet storm waiting to gently erupt. Originally hailing from Tokyo Yoshida moved to London for some time, whilst here was given kudos and support from DJ Krush and has piqued the interest of Gilles Peterson and Huw Stephens gaining him positive exposure. Track releases through labels Tru Thoughts and Lastrum along with his unique live shows has made him quite a talking point on the electronic music scene.

Feeling like a mono-analogue ode to Dahomey and espiritismo is how I would describe the first track Mawa. Cowbells and tin drums reminiscent of a Sao Paolo favela pump along to a low-hum tech beat, maximized to stunning effect. Continuing on the Afro-tribal theme is Flamingos – it’s like a boat trip past Nyali Beach down to Mombassa. The smooth rolling and finely tuned bass line meets the simplest of percussion and make a love affair of pure spaced-out bliss.

Getting more uptempo is the third track Ivory, great vocal samples meet head-on with ambient tech overtures causing an acid Afro flurry. I don’t know whether he’s been but there’s an excellent inspired interpretation of the different regional sounds of the mother country. Mantra is an all together different kind of track. Warping sub-bass compliments female smoky vocals with membranes of turbulent beeps and bleeps – enchanting.

A standard is definitely being set here, with an air of perfection in a very understated manner. Mawa could well have universal appeal to many a DJ, the stand-out track for me is Flamingos but I like them all of them. It will be interesting to see this performed live as there are so many different but simple elements meticulously composed. The devil is in the detail after all with this one.

Reviewed by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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