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DJ Shaun Ashby is back standing alone again for 2016 with his Back 2 Basics EP. A busy man-about-town last year as resident for Deep Into Soul parties, guest reviewer for and popping up at a host of national and international festivals hasn’t put the creative hampers on this eclectic-deep maverick. When he’s not causing a flurry in the hotel room at the Prince Of Wales with his guest DJ’s he’s making music we like to hear. Bringing his signature key-change to his production, I have listened to his music go from neophyte to adept as he grows and relaxes into his environment and so has his sound. Deep To The Core is just one of those examples. Infusing his heritage and influences is this cheeky four-four with serious overtones that nod to the late nineties deep house era, it slowly builds to an epoch of deep subs delivering an Ashby-smasher of a track.

Flipped-out deep ambience is definitely worthy of its title is the track Eargasm. From the offing you get waves of syncopated deep niceness as the bass rolls over my headphones and pans from left to right. Some really versatile tones hit you in thoughtful waveforms, there’s more to this producer than meets the ears and eyes. Layers of beats fold into one another in a deep house synth-orchestra that reach a climax and leave you kinda’ lost for words – how a track should be. Nice electro-easy listening.

Final track Oxygen is another favourite of mine, you know I’m a sucker for the deep and this is beyond subterranean. Tackling the production of deep is no easy feat, here yet more versatility is applied to the score. Light synthetic flutes dance around dense brute-force bass with a nod to real garage music of Chicago’s heady days.The Ashby persona still in there with a token and cheeky keyboard skit, a floor-filler for sure. What a great EP to roll into 2016 with proving the musical road travelled is not for the swift but for the sure. Well worth a purchase.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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Back 2 Basics – Shaun Ashby