Record Label: Tru Thoughts

A little excitement with your salsa comes in the form of one half of jazz-fusion team The Jivers (who came together through their love of music and their record collections), DJ/producer Don Pascal. Originating from Toulouse, France the devotee and enthusiast of all things Latin American, jazz and broken-beat bestows his passion and inspiration neatly wrapped up in six worthy tracks.

The first instalment Tributo is an ode to classic salsa music and the musicians who were instrumental in its movement such as Héctor Lavoe and Eddie Palmieri et al. Brought right up to date and geared at the dancers of this genre this extended mix will not disappoint them with a classic high-paced salsa piano teasing the listener to dance even if you have two left feet. Vocals by Hector Viveros adds authenticity as he sings homage to the great musicians of the era.

Now those of you who’ve read my recent reviews will know I’m mad for The Reflex Revisions and I can’t rave enough about them or his sets. The Reflex Tribute Mix definitely brings this track into the dance music zone and applying his less is more philosophy (how does he do that?). This just undeniably adds more textures that make it seem lighter – the devil is in the detail as they say, nice touch.

Tumbao the third song appeals more to me and does have the potential to be more favourable to DJ’s for set play as it can easily crossover with other tracks. A more natural and rough around the edges impression, it commences with bare double bass and bongos, then rolls into classic house beats accompanied that classic piano. Its brashness wins over the cleanliness of main track and is a great accompaniment to it also.

This is an attractive EP which marries Pascal’s influences well into a his musical influences and passions, the addition of Viveros and Christian Salgado completes the circle. DJ bonus beats for each track and an edit it make it a laudable little find that’s good value for money too.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

On general release now