Kill The Buzz is a fresh faced EDM and tech house DJ and producer hailing from Holland. We caught up with him just after his killer set at Ushuaïa as part of Hardwell’s Carnival event.

How did you find your set?

I really liked my set. it’s always difficult to play the first set of the night and adapt to the first few people walking in. You don’t like it when you walk in and there’s already music going on already and the party is going off, you still need to get your drink game on so this first set is very important to get people in the mood. I think I did a good job, especially as it was the closing party.

Yes we were loving it! We loved wearing the masks too, a great way to get involved in the Carnival atmosphere!

Where did the name ‘Kill The Buzz’ come from?

In the music scene you have the buzz chart which is the most hyped unreleased tracks at the moment. When Hardwell premiered my track Party Hard in 2012 in his Tomorrow Land set, everyone was talking about this track so there was a big buzz around this track. I decided, as my own personal name was a bit too difficult to remember, I decided, as this track was number 1 in the buzz chart to just kill that buzz and call myself Kill the Buzz.

Whats your overall highlight as a DJ and your next goal or aim?

11215820_883616811685442_7116466919107612769_nThere are so many highlights especially as i’m new to the scene. I’ve been playing for around 3 years now but the main highlights has been travelling around the world and being the support act for some amazing shows. I also played at Tomorrow Land in Belgium and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where people were chanting my name and that was probably my top highlight as i’m now like Dude, i’m getting the recognition i’ve always wanted’. 20,000 people going mental to every track that you play really is the highlight that can’t really be beaten.

My goal since I was a little kid was to leave a little something to the world like producing music so people would love the music that you produce. Within the next twelve months or so I would love to have that one radio hit that people will recognise you for.

What track are you most proud off?

I’m very proud of my Life is Calling track with JoeySuki. That was the first time my track was played on national radio in Holland so i’m very proud of that. Also, a recent remix I made for Jason Derulo.

Which artist on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings do you think will be the next support or headlining act in Ibiza?

12002948_883616698352120_4141798096220782269_nWell one of the guys i’m looking forward to see develop is Thomas Newson. He’s making his own tracks and developing his own signature style and everything he does becomes a good track. He has a good mind for creating mashups too.

What advice would you give to a new DJ wanting to break Ibiza?

Well Ibiza is a different vibe to most other places around the world. You first need to adapt yourself to the Ibizan lifestyle and way of life. You start off playing anywhere so that people start to like you and recognise you. Only once you get a better spot can you play more of what you want.

What other music do you play other than EDM, away from gigs?

Well I listen to all sorts of music, not just EDM and tech house. It goes from Daft Punk to Earth Wind and Fire. I even like Dutch vocal singers and some R&B and Urban music.

Where do you think the scene is going in Ibiza?

I don’t think it will change much. You always have the people into the tech house scene, but also people in to the more commercial scene like the Hardwell’s, Avicii’s and Guetta’s. So theres always that and I think it will stay like that for the next couple years at least.

Aside from DJing and Producing, do you have any other hobbies?

Yes hanging out with friends and FIFA!