Record Label: R2 Records

Heysus Christos! (Yeah I just said that…) Karizma – has just gone and done it again. This ‘lil mutha’ of an EP got my head tingling like I just chomped my way through a packet of space dust and fizzy sherbet sweeties! Just when you thought this little genius could get no better he produces this A-bomb and destroys the dance floor.

First track Bounce B* I thought I was ready – imagine the scenario; sitting at my desk I’m on my tenth play or whatever I’ve lost count it’s on repeat anyways. I look like I’m deep in thought and I’m just shaking my head because I’m speechless, that’s the Bounce B* effect. It’s totally ridiculous and I mean that in the best way, I have to dissect this track in the way it was produced and I still may not give it the kudos it deserves. An intro of grainy undertone reminiscent of static noise flatters thumping bass which so appeals to my techno alter ego, gets treated with classic stabs, re-triggered loops and synths; customised Baltimore-style to a deliver head-thumping arrangement. This is a designer tune made with laboratory execution, a formula of pre-meditated musical-mathematical cunning, just checkout out the algorithm on this track and you’ll see what I mean. You will lose your mind on the dance floor, it doesn’t get better than this – pure and raw.

Tech This Out (Kaytronik Dub) is a re-edit and I do love the original’s gritty sub-zero essence, but this however is a very different mix. Filtered riffs come alive to runaway snares; peeking and troughing as the track goes along at get-away speed. The final track locks and pops in like a breakers-crew and an old b-boy is K To The P. A very translatable, effortless and crisp yet roughly cut this ode to old school hip-hop definitely hits the spot for a summer jam down memory lane. Barbecues, double-dutch and dance-offs are all flavours this track conjures up with essence of late-disco vibes. I loves this track for its likeability, danceability and its general easiness to the ears. As a whole EP this is one to get your hands on as I see Karizma becoming quite a collectable artist in the future. Every track has a different element, making this a versatile buy indeed, as this artist grows so will your record/cd/mp3 collection.

Reviewed by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

On general release now