Never Let You Go is Marlon Sadler‘s follow up the his pre-Christmas release Tornado. This time it’s a north-west London tag-team effort with the graceful vocals of Martin Carr. Sadler has developed his style of production and you can definitely tell when he’s at the helm on this five-tack EDM gem and word on the grapevine is the is causing quite a stir already before its release.

The radio edit begins with a with piano solo which is quickly lifted by Carr’s soulful yet strong vocals. He reminds me of a young Taio Cruz, another artist to watch for the coming year. All the lifts and stabs in the right place on the this one. The original has more artistic merit as the arrangement is executed perfectly and the compression on this track delivers musicality rather than the chaos of blips and beeps that get lost in some EDM music. Again Carr’s vocals are the stand-out winner here as the rises compliment his vocal range.

Coming in with a mellow ode to UK garage and two-step is this remix and radio edit by Junior UK which strangely enough works! It has all the deep bass-lines and bumps that go with genre but absolutely more polished and up-to-date – nicely done. The Charles Jay remix delivers a more electronic paired-down arrangement with deeper sounds. All in all a very commercially viable EP which will do well the mainstream music.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

On general release  March 27