Record Label MJS Recordings

Slowly but steadily finding his feet in the music world comes this little offering from East Midlands-born DJ/producer Marlon Sadler. A spate of remixes which show off his production and trance/techno influences even in other genres, it was just a matter of time before he would put his energies into his own music. With a few releases now under his belt he’s sitting quite comfortably in his zone.

Here Sadler delivers a brute of a trance/edm track which hits you up from the start. A pumping intro belts and whirls around the speakers in high-octane synths that vibrate at your eardrums. You get hit with a build up in the first ten seconds of the track so brace yourself – melodic tweaking sub-layers give way to bombastic drums and rips that have you more dizzy than a roller-coaster ride. If sound was a taste this would be a fizz bomb as energetic chords are transposed over snares and shifts between trance and techno.

The trance layers give way to calm as your transported to techno nirvana waiting for the next incarnation in the form of another build. It’s big on production big on sound and big on your ears you can’t not pay attention. I lose count at how many build ups there are but it’s frenzied mayhem in a good way this track really is a tornado indeed.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

On general release now