Label: Atjazz Record Company

It’s been a while since At One released a track but when he does he’s looking to score a hat-trick. First his fresh interpretation of Rocco’s Quantum Project One, was just a mere warm up and not even an incite into what was going on in his brain when he cooked up this in his musical laboratory.

La Musica is unique like, a cross between a musical Pit and the Pendulum and The Machinist come to life on an industrial sounding Art Of Noise track on crystal meth. Hell if music could be abstract art this would be quite close to a Dali painting. How At One aka Richard Ward got such industrial samples to sit rhythmically makes me wander more what goes on in the recesses of his creativity. Oh and did I mention deep? It doesn’t get deeper than this – it flirts around minimal tech and then dumps it for some lighter melodics you can hear in the background.

The dub equally deep and techno-entranced I haven’t heard good quality sounds like this in London since the days of Sosho’s. Thumping sexy sub-bass bashes against the arrangement it’s just totally raw and I freakin’ love it. The dub certainly hits the spot and if I was a gambling woman would say this one will certainly get more club rotation. What a way to come back from a rested creative hiatus bolting out of the stable and straight into the charts and rightly so this is a dangerous track – handle your ears with care.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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