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D-Malice comes on strong and hard with his latest release out on Atjazz’s label with Phases. No messing around and straight into transcendental deep and murky waters is #87, already shaping up to sound like a classic. Trademark techno synths tease at the intro only to give the floor up to some good old gabba-style trance programming. Oh the build up, a timely reminder of slowed-down version of Cygnus X’s anthem, The Orange Theme, D-Malice is determined make his mark on the global dance community. One dangerous track – it’s got me hold up in some warehouse somewhere with 3000 people max’d-out and bodies writhing as we’re lost in sound – it’s been a long time since a track made me feel like that.

Keeping my attention well and truly focused is Phases. The structure is fundamentally Afro-beats, but again Malice takes you where his ears and thoughts lead him and it’s one of evolution. Ancestral drums are rooted at the intro as the beats build so does the tempo, the arrangement gains multiple layers of sounds, bouncing and complimenting each other. As the bridge breaks into ambient trance the  euphoria is brought back with the re-occurrence of the drums at the intro like a prodigal son coming back home. Euphoria is made of this.

Phases Expressive Dub is a bass deconstruction with clipped synths precisely executed and restrained; low fi’s and bass; dance and play with each other like some sonic mating ritual. This is exciting stuff to hear as Afro house style embraces it metamorphosis effectuated by its pioneers, the UK side of producers are keeping up and are firmly on the ball with creating their own future within the genre. D-Malice is one of them. Get you hands on this I implore you to it will remind of the good days of the pas but what the future holds – deep Afro house.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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