Record Label: R2 Records

Oh you know what? You guys need to stop doing this to me. The Beats & Bobs imprint slips out a cool fifth edition on a broken-beat jazz tip courtesy of the seasoned producer who knows his thing Atjazz. If you haven’t heard me raving about these in the past check the review archives – I haven’t missed one yet and don’t intend if they keep going in this vein. Karizma lets his fellow Exist compadre do a little composing for the latest release.

Sublimely jazzy I got just a little bit excited about the sax intro I knew it was going to be something. Enchantment is just that, runaway double bass great pianos and what’s a good jazz track without a bit of saxophone. Layers that build up and then float away only to be replaced by more cycle after cycle – it’s all in the production and it’s dynamite.

Nebulosa adapts the same style of layered harmonies but ever more abstract. A danceable four-four with a cheeky disposition breaks up the gorgeous piano sample. Some nice filtered techniques in sound pushes it to the back, brings out the other musical elements – that’s just pure damn genius and a lesson in how you can paint a portrait with sound. An exquisite two-affair don’t be fooled by that the best things always come in small packages and this is no exception to that rule. Buy it and listen.

Review Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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