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Well R2 Records and Karizma are hitting a home run with the Beats & Bobs series. Pulling the best producers in  the game far and wide is making these imprints into some cherished collectables. Laying down a track is Hugo LX straight out of Paris. Though having an initial love for house, LX was weaned in hip-hop production under the mentoring eye of the Funk League Collective which saw a string of releases by the then 17 year-old and collaborations with Diamond D and Large Professor. After three-year break to travel to Japan and produce the body of work he’s releasing this year and to continue his acoustic research as an architect, he’s back with the love he developed as a youth.


Yūgen (Part.1 First Days) is precision engineered floor-filler of pumping bass line (which I have a mad weakness for); bouncing  off the reverb and echoes of sampled soundscapes like a ghostly electro-jukebox in Larry Levan’s attic. And in familiar Beat & Bobs style is a crazy, an addictive hook with a little je ne sais quoi – it must be the pseudo French-Japanese amalgamation. A hot track it’s like all my Christmas’ come at once and it’s only summer. Ascent (The Fifth) has the same production skeleton as the first but is where the similarity ends. Deep and smooth bass filter in to the track and this is meant as no disrespect but reminds me of an Atjazz style of production. Mellow and bassy the layers of sound merge together effortlessly. Championed by Paris’ adopted purveyor of France’s deep house movement Nick V (who has also endorsed Simbad & Lemy Leopard’s track Vibin‘), Hugo LX is a production hot one right now. Karizma’s done did it again, he’s on the money deep house never felt so good.

Review By Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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