Label: SedSoul

Natasha Watts is back with a new album and a fresh new attitude towards her music repertoire. Produced by Rob ‘Cool Million’ Hardt and Richard Earnshaw, who have injected a very soulful energy into the collection of tracks more so than her first self titled album and really show of her vocal range.

Jazzy soulful streams roll as Ms Watts vocal layers effortlessly dance over the notes on intro track Waited For You. The 90’s style R’n’B production hook gets my attention at the beginning of second track Let Go, it takes me down memory lane as the sweet delicate quality of vocal tones almost make me forget this is a song about love lost. Again some beautiful harmonies embraced by passionate conviction.

Insatiable took me by complete and pleasant surprise as Omar duetted with Natasha on this one. They work so incredibly well together as this uplifting track injects some real UK Brit soul. It’s like a breath of fresh air as these two show off what UK soul is really all about, totally gorgeous and easily my favourite of the album it’s just oozes finesse from these two. They may need to work together more often in the future – great song.

A change of gear into a more upbeat and melancholic number is the song, Love Who You Are. Up-tempo soul that draws its inspiration from a plethora of late 70’s and early 80’s genres it’s brought right up-to-date. Changing direction and definitely taking a risk that pays off is Hit The Spot, it confronts you with a broken beat intro, (obviously influenced by her work with Kaidi Thathum) again leading me to do a double-take as Natasha’s vocals has this one clearly in the bag and easily my second favourite track. Continuing the broken tip it’s nice to see the artist trying different styles, great vocal work-out at the bridge.

Back to the upbeat with a hint of the feel-good factor is Make It, big-band production this will sound amazing live. Dropping down a notch in tempo is love ballad Lonely, reminiscent of some the great female vocalists of yesteryear this song follows in those footsteps. Earnshaw’s production fingers are most likely at play on the song Easy Come Easy Go, light and soulful with a splash of house and a smidgen of disco. Power vocals are brought to the fore on Breath – a slow reaching song that builds to a crescendo.

Everything, the last track brings the mood down and shows yet another aspect to Natasha Watts. Stripped-bare just the voice and a piano. It’s all that’s really needed – a joy to listen to. A worthy second album which will sound great in a live setting, Natasha has grown, her vocals have grown and song-writing has grown, looking forward to the third album.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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