Label: Atjazz Record Company

You can’t have the phrase deep house and not have Rocco in the vocabulary name dropped at some point. Put him amongst his peers Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier the Frenchman like them both started form humble beginnings two decades ago. Better known for his Roccorodamaal imprint a collaboration with Manoo and Alex Santos, they have been delivering a trés unique narrative of deep house and minimal tech. Adored by the newcomers to the house music scene he is revered in South Africa and seen as an elder statesman and pioneer.

Teaming up with Martin Iveson’s label for this little affair I can see why as it’s suits the house style of ARCo’s current incarnation of jazzy beats with a mêlée of re-triggered stabs and beats down to a tee. Premier track P3 Jazz enters with a fifties style scat filtered from kick drum and ever-so-neatly tweaked and time-stretched to its apex of precisely time trumpets á la jazz. Slinky piano breakdown samples double-bass compliment the cheeky on the two beat. A totally addictive track for serious music heads and dancers alike – interpretation is everything on this intelligent little one.

From Blood is pure filtered disco on a modern tip. Feeling quite acidic in a good way this homage to the heady disco days of good production – takes it’s lessons and applies them gracefully a testament to the maestro Rocco and his influences that make him the artist he is today. Little nods to the era can be heard, the use of orchestral give that film score soundtrack feel a nod to the era of Quincy Jones and the fashion in music producing back then. Some great sampling adds genuine authenticity.

At One‘s remix of P3 Jazz brings forth the trumpets and double-bass with a brazen kick-snare-drum intro. Bongos work up well to a tiny vocal sample drum-heavy whilst still on a jazz tip is a faster interpretation which will go down well in the clubs. Peacey’s Down Town Dub yet another different element introduced and interpreted. Bass-heavy and other-worldly warps of the trumpet sample given the minimalist and reconstructed touch. The stems have been taken and completely reinvented and the calculation has definitely paid off here for a papa’s gotta brand new Afro bag re-work, dope stuff.

The Atjazz remix well here’s one producer I just can’t fault right now. I’m sure he’s from outer space as his music goes off into unknown territory where he just carries the basics. His successful roll ain’t about to stop any time soon as this mix takes on euphoria via the trombone, jazz-stylie it’s just too damn good. Rocco is clearly very comfortable with Atjazz Records on this one and the ARCo collective seems quite taken with him too.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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