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The musically ambidextrous Ziggy Funk is back with another solo project this time on BBE Records. The miniscule music maverick responsible for and part of Rhemi Music‘s high-octane house hits that’s got Louie Vega dropping them on repeat, is dropping some summer jazz-funk flava’s this time around. Funk aka Zaydee Kay aka Zaidi Kiggundu was most likely playing bass and guitar before he could even walk. He’s already released under Foliage Records and DJ Spen’s Quantize imprint. This little funk fest was conjured up during late night’s where either you go mad or get creative, I’m assuming the latter.

Go With It the first track is cyber-funking goodness, looped drummer beats roll in to sampled prompts as wah wah’s hit up a jazzy synth. A lot of feel-good factor en-mass and well it’s got me feeling really good. Rolling in like a sunny Soul Train this is a track that will get you ready for summer (when it eventually gets here). Smooth, laid-back and jazzy vibes on a little hip-hop tip is how I’d describe Word To Your Mother. All the mechanics of hip-hop production interpreted with instruments from a jazz discipline. It’s not that jazz and hip-hop haven’t been done before, just never interpreted this way and that makes this exciting to listen to. The layers and filters give it that something extra which is very Ziggy Funk.

Just a little return to his house programming persona with a little deeper twist is final track Channel Through. This suits my sensibilities and mood as classy deep house track. A nod to the days before disco overtook funk brought bang up-to-date with modern programming and razor-sharp musical ingenious. If this is what Funk summons up whilst listening to the voices in his head in the wee hours then he needs be in that stasis permanently. Magic is being created here, the musical instinct is undeniable – a craftsman is at work and I want to see where his voices take him.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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