Record Label: R2 Records 

Third in the series of mixed CD’s in this epic musical saga sees Osunlade unleash and reveal his guilty musical pleasures to his listeners. A meticulous and hand-picked selection of got-to-have-it tunes delivers a bespoke and unique experience from this master who seeks nothing less than to push musical boundaries and entertain you with the experience.

His approach to his own music is always spiritual, knowing, etheric and otherworldly and so is the selection of tracks he has chosen to give exposure to. Yet Osunlade mixes music like a Van Gogh painting, wild vibrant, intriguing yet dark and in need of absolution – he makes art. From the first track Atlanta by Ananda Project, introducing itself with atmosphere and tone to the deep vibrations of the last track Late Night Thinking by Estroe which leave imprints in your mind.

Mixing as if creating a production in a studio is no mean feat, but yet he accomplishes this and makes it look so easy, this expertise is only born from a finely tuned ear of someone who knows what they want to achieve. Not as blissful or transcendent as his previous mixed effort of the past here he is reaching and delving and coming up with gems, oh how I’d like to get my hands on that man’s record collection!

This is not just another mixed CD but a company of tracks that create a symphony, each individual but necessary to make this whole. I have to say I love this because I love this artist and the way he approaches his creative discipline. Not content to just throw together a few tracks for a mixed compilation, he dropped the comfort zone and went somewhere else. There are some real gems on here too, Tomas Svensson’s Phantom is just classical genius on ascended techno bliss and Jimpster‘s Towards The Seer is simply beautiful with sheer power. A great anthology of works with more yet to come. On general release May 20.

Reviewed by: Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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