Record Label: FOMP

Slipping sultrily out of South London is the spoken word meets music production duo Beyond Tone, with this evocative little effort. The amalgamation Ceri Ball and Stephen Francis teamed up in 2010 to espouse their passion for words, thoughts and future music is how Beyond Tone was born. And you know what? They haven’t done too bad at all, firmly stamping their uniqueness all over their musical tomes. Working with some of London’s break-through producers in the underground scene along with hand-picking singing talents which suit their ethos of the likes of Asha Edmund and a string of releases in the last few months – these guys are set for some big things in the future with their current work ethic.

Attracting the likes of label FOMP for this release gives these artists extra kudos as this track lives up to its title. In the original mix, the dulcet tones of Ball’s voice compliment the smooth waves of afro-inspired beats making the it a very sensual composition indeed and lovely, just lovely. The Trinidadian Deep mix brings it out of the bedroom and straight to the dance-floor with an up-tempo afro-house re-work. I think this is my favourite remix groovy without detracting from the sexiness of the track itself. A little bit of funk is on the agenda with twist of deep tech on the Tyrone FrancisBKNY Remix, takes this straight to the boiler room or warehouse this a pushy re-work.

BT DJ’s mix combines bumpy intro melding into flavoursome and melancholic afro-rhythms that melt away in the light percussions of voice and drums, whilst paired-back and grainy comes in the form of the Ride, Vocal’n’Bass mix. I’m sure this would be welcome in many a DJ collection for its versatility and depth and you have to admit it is Quietly Sexy.

Reviewed by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

On general release now

Disco Ball'z
Coming Soon
… Beyond Tone’s Remix of Disco Ball’z –  Wicked Space

Release due September