Record Label: ARCo

Baltimore boy Karizma, releases his first EP for Atjazz Record Company (ARCo) under his pseudonym Kaytronik, which he describes as his alter-ego moniker of electronic and hip-hop. Well-established and with a back-catalogue as long as the book of Genesis, Karizma reveals a darker psyche on this two-track EP which is an interesting little number indeed.

First track Belined takes you on a journey and tells a story, if you’re a producer you will understand the thought processes behind the concept of this track. The production is clinical and precise, every high hat/snare exacting, it kind of reminds me of days gone by when drum and bass adopted an intelligent approach and you could say this track is intelligent house music. Unapologetically dark it immediately pulls at your audial dial, you can’t help but listen and you just want to hear more. If music was the dark arts then this would be voodoo, it’s intriguing and it haunts you.

I Got It Bad is pushy continuous oversized synth with a nice fat-body of grooved-out bass lines and catchy snares. Definitely lighter but losing none of the heaviness this is the track that will be played on the dancefloor across the deep tech/house or garage scenes. The mellay of synth, techno bleeps are sheer brilliance are so addictive. Komplements is a two-sided story, something for the DJ and something for the revelers. It’s a great display of genius. General release 3 January 2014

Reviewed by: Sandra Swaybe-Barrett