Record Label:  Rhemi Music

Super-producer-tag-team Rhemi Music aka Ziggy Funk and Neil Pierce, are firmly established on the capital’s underground house scene. This fledgling label (founded mid-2013), has already hit the ground running with over a dozen releases and remixes in its’ discography and a couple of Traxsource top ten’s. Pierce is no stranger to collaborations, as one part of Fanatix with then Soul Heaven’s Aaron Ross, he possesses a strict house music heritage of DJ/producer acumen. From Defected to ZR Records; Blaze to DJ Spen, his repertoire has it all. Ziggy  Funk cites ‘curiosity’ as his expedition into musical mayhem, with influences in blues, funk, hip-hop  and jazz. Mashing-up experiments with broken beat, disco and house, the self-taught guitar/bass player picked up a penchant for house music and steered his direction there.

Which leads to my critique of this Quentin Harris re-production (excuse the bias, he’s hands-down my favourite house producer). Having evolved and ascended his days at Shelter Music to bring out his genesis-prodigy and second album Sacrifice, Harris’ new direction pushed him passed his comfort-zone to make him one of the most formidable talents of the generation. Harris is a sought after remixer on the tip of every producer’s lips and on every aspiring producer’s wish list.

It’s guaranteed that if you give Harris some hot vocals, he’ll give you back a hot track – that’s for sure and without a doubt, he does here on his Hubert Street Re-Production and instrumental track. A sharp attack of high-hats and malevolent snares takes this out of its niceness zone of the original and given the nasty treatment. With the lyrics of Lynn Lockamy belting, “This man has no conscience, he’s just playing for sport”… “He will hurt and destroy you,” pummeling your eardrums on the vicious funk/rock-electric guitar riff of this track, gives way to a 2 second break mid-track only to be wickedly echoed back with a computer-synth voice sample and electro filters, just pure hardness to the end!

The KMBA Re-Production is by no means an audio easy-ride either, classic kettle drums used to full effect at the intro with that guitar again – it messes with your ears. Overloaded and building electric layers as Lockamy’s vocals peak with emotion, so does the production’s climax with a cheeky little entendre at the end. The story of this song is not nice and I see it definitely appealing to Harris, who is no stranger to producing songs where diva’s belt out lyrics of male disappointment; but damn it’s catchy. A genius interpretation, I expect nothing else from the art of this artist, enter the Twilight Zone meets The Warriors on this one, you’ve been warned. On general release now.

Reviewed by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

Rhemi Music Cassius Henry Beat Within new release new dance music records new uk deephouseComing soon… Rhemi Music’s new release, Featuring Cassius Henry – Beat Within. A catchy deep-house mêlée over smooth vocals.