It would appear Darius Syrossian appearance at The BPM Festival, Playa Del Carmen in Mexico has come with some controversy – there are always two sides to a story, we don’t know who to believe and have our butts firmly wedged upon the fence – we ain’t movin’ y’all…

Original Post by Darius Syrossian on his Facebook Page eludes to himself paying to play and his friends not being on the guestlist, and they themselves having to pay $40 to get in:

Thanks Raoull Gri Im back at the hotel now, didnyou see the security beat me up in the dj booth at the end? I am going to keep my mouth shut about what happned and fully explain what happened at his festival in a couple of days, all i know is that when i played ot was an awesome crowd and atmosphere was unreal, but what people dont know is that i actually paid £1800 for my own flight because bpm dont pay artists, when i arrived at aiport i had to watch all other djs get picked up by bpm representatives but they refused to take me from cancun to playa del carmen, so i payed 100 dollars of my own money, for the 45 min ride and no idea where i am going, and tonight the final straw was while i was playing i get a text from people i put on the guestlist that they refused my guestlist and they had to pay 40 dollars to get in. And because i had a go at them for why my guestlist had to pay. They sent security to the booth to beat me up, in front of the whole crowd, i was having such a great time and i got beaten up by 5 or 6 bpm mexican henchmen, what is funny is they think i care about probably not playing again, i saw myself, for my set how good it was, that party was rammed, atmosphere unreal, but what people dont know is I ACTUALLY PAID to come here and play!!!!
I will provide a screen shot of my bank statement, 1800 BA flight! I did it for VIVa, against my managers advice who said darius you are being disrespected, the fact that you are being paid 1000 dollars all in. WHY DO YOU THINK SANTE AND DETLEF WERENT HERE???? Because they had to pay too and refused to do so. But i did it because money isnt main priority for me, i get paid well elswhere all year, but what i COULD NOT accept was making my guestlist pay 40 dollars each and then because i complain they send security to beat me up!! As i walked through the crowd to leave people were saying what happened darius, this is why i have toake this post! Regardless of what happened though.azing crowd in there and what a party, shame i have a broken knee cap i think ad 2 broken ribs.y dignity is number 1 and i know i did no wrong! Money goes to some peoples heads and bpm im sorry but when the truth comes out people will see the real situation.

Page 2 for the follow up post by Andrew Christoforou – the Manager of the show on behalf of BPM:

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