Peven Everett is without a doubt one house music’s staple favourite’s. His tracks are always ripe for remixing and always taken up by heavyweight producers such Louie Vega and Quentin Harris amongst the few. That is because this childhood musical genius was winning musical awards and championship titles by ambidextrously playing thirteen different instruments! But not only that, he’s a jazz musician to the core of his being when you have Wynton Marsalis mentoring (he passed up an opportunity at the prestigious Berkeley School Of Music), you’ve already played for Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie and all this by the time you’ve turned seventeen he was already destined for great things.

So there I was pinned to the stage barrier in a very packed The Beat Bar, as Everett held the crowd and the his band (who were based in the UK) with precision composure. Hit after hit rolled as he went over his slot time and you only just realised how many hits he’s penned when you happily sing along. But it’s his stage charisma and his second-nature sixth sense that is all part of the aura of Everett. An adeptness akin to James Brown when leading his band members, drew you into his world of musical character as he caressed the mic as if it were a woman to Sexy Make Up and attacking the keyboards on Put Your Back Into It.


Charismatic showmanship to the highest standard as he worked the crowd and the small stage only stopping momentarily to check his playlist and taking a few requests from his fans. Seeing Peven Everett was a must when you check your house music collection you’ll see you have more of his tracks than you realise and he really is worth his weight in gold as you get more than a show, you get his soul and more.

Review by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

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Southport Weekender 52, The Beat Bar – Peven Everett