Buy your Ibiza Tickets today from Ibiza Spotlight - The Only Place online.Number 1 club in the world Space are launching a magazine this year and they want your contributions!

The magazine’s will be primarily focused on collaboration, with content requested from Space aficionados across the world. Here’s the blerb:

“Join us to CREATE Space Magazine! We want your writings, designs, memories, and opinions to collectively create a truly community driven and unique magazine. If your submission is selected, you will BE PUBLISHED in 150,000 magazines distributed in Ibiza and also enjoy the perks of being part of Team Space! We are looking for a variety of submissions from professional, to relaxed and fun, to fashion and design.”

The sort of topics wanted range from tips and hints on how to survive Space Opening, through memories of the club and its music, all the way to fashion and favourite photos.

Check out this guide on space