Event: Moxa Experiment 04 at Corsica Studios London

Date: Saturday, 7 July 2012

The art-house Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle was the ideal space and a return home for this renowned Italian club night, Moxa. Celebrating his birthday in true DJ style, the other half of Masters At Work, maverick, Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez, really put it down. This artiste’s long reign in house music was given a temporary time out. Spinning a selection paying homage to his soul and hip-hop roots, he comfortably showed it he’s got game.

LondonMixing old-school grooves with classic hip-hop was definitely a break from the norm. Any fans wanting to hear MAW classics heard a different kind of Dope and were in no way disappointed. Mashing up Slum Village with Jay Z before breaking into Amerie and Lauryn Hill takes some doing and it was done très bienmuch to the delight of the crowd.Taking the tunes further back in time with unexpected tracks from David Byrne and the Stone Roses categorically getting the thumbs of approval by a chorus of solid ‘yeah’s’ from the crowd. Slickly moving onto a more funk sound, really showcased his musical background. Such versatility in Dope’s musical milieu is a testament to his musical genius and a rare insight into the inspiration behind the MAW sound.

Revelers in cold turkey for the Moxa dose of house ducked and dived in the second room. Experimental big beats and minimal tech were in heavy rotation spun by Luciano Esse and Luke Solomon giving a Joey Beltram-esque feel once inside. An experimental night in the true sense of the word a very good mix which, works successfully for Moxa. It certainly was Kenny Dope’s birthday and he partied like it was his birthday. An appreciative crowd who didn’t mind the contrasts and loved the vibes.

Event reviewed by Sandra Swaybe-Barrett

Photos by Tony TK Smith

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