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Send all event listings you would like on renight.com to listings(at)renight.com. Include a link to the event on Skiddle too.

Added FREE advertising with your event photos

Zip up and send us your event photos. Get free advertising for your event / club with our Photo Report listing.

Keep your existing logos / photographers logo on the photos, or just send as is and we will add our own ‘renight.com’ logo in a empty corner of the photo and upload to our flickr account.

Your photos will have the renight.com logo added – something like:

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Simply zip up your photos, use wetransfer.com or dropbox and send them over! Contact us or use info(at)renight.com to send.


By sending your event photos to us, you grant us permission to upload to the renight.com flickr and Instagram accounts for embedding on renight.com. You grant us non-exclusive rights to use them for our own marketing purposes. We are unlikely to upload to other sites such as Facebook and Twitter however, we shall seek permission if uploading to any other photosharing sites other than flickr and instagram. Copyright still lies with yourselves and / or the Nightclub Photographer. You are effectively granting us re-publishing rights. To remove any photos, please contact us.