Ministry of Sound LondonTritonal / Filo & Peri at The Producer’s Night, The Gallery, Ministry of Sound London

Tritonal, the all-American DJ/producer team hailing from Austin, Texas and Washington D.C. left the revelers at Ministry of Sound with something to remember. If they were virtually unknown in these parts, they aren’t now. Tritonal, Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros showcased their first album Piercing The Quiet, at last night’s set. They’ve had phenomenal success with the first release, ‘Still With Me’ featuring Cristina Soto not to mention broadcasting their own weekly radio show Air Up There, still building in popularity. Launching their own label of the same name (Air Up There Recordings) and a few chosen acts signed, these boys are set for global dance domination. The talent of this unique coupling extends far beyond tweaking chord progressions on a tune.

The dynamic duo served up the best of melodic and emotive EDM, a pleasant contrast to the fat thumping beats of the previous set by Filo and Peri. But these boys aren’t just another melodic trance act from the States, far from it. Having cited BT as one of their early influences in the scene, it’s clearly interpreted on their album’s tracks. There’s a seamless quality in their music which trickles down into their DJing. I haven’t heard such perfection since drum & bass producer Photek or BT himself. But they champion where they might have failed, there’s a perfection and preciseness that is executed by Tritonal without losing the musicality of it all.

Back to Tritonal and the crowd clearly loved the highs of the music, there were really no lows to their set at all. It was flawless. Dave and Chad symbiotically shift and weave between each other, cross fading, queuing up tracks and hyping the crowd all at the same time, like two dolphins at play in the Ocean. They make a synchronized swimming team look like rubber-ring learners! It really is amazing to watch as most DJ’s usually have their ears firmly glued to their headphones with only the odd nod of appreciation of their master-craft. Tritonal, are thoroughly loving the moment and really love what they do, you just have to watch them to see that. Tritonal deliver high energy, high octane and transcendental dance music at it’s very best.

Event Review written by: Sandra Swaybe-Barrett