Well it was a awesome night indeed when the Funkinyou family scored a hat-trick of sessions headlining David Morales at Koko in Camden. Up first was Passion FM heavyweight DJ Arkoss and Funkinyou boss-man who merrily pumped up the volume – I can tell you! This was no warm up, just a case of go in hard or go home. Musically gifted from an early age, Arkoss’s lust for music was heavily influenced by the early rave and house music scenes. A major resident for over a decade with Passion FM, one of London’s biggest underground stations and one that has shaped the scene in the city.

Passion FM  Arkoss Funkinyou at KokoThe Funkinyou franchise has successfully held court in at Koko for the last five years and just keeps going from strength to strength with it’s Promised Land and Key Of Life nights. These guys do what they do and they do it well. Arkoss threw down the gauntlet, took up the challenge and kept the crowd hyped up with infectious sounds. Not to be underestimated, he has carved out a niche for himself on the scene and he is dangerous on those decks – his dedicated ravers go mad for what he does – all 1,500 plus of them.

David Morales at Koko LondonWith reveler adrenaline at a high, cue three-time Grammy nominee/winner and producer/remixer ‘messiah’, David Morales. The old-skool, New York homeboy had us all rocking and wanting more by the end of his set. Deep sounds met tech, old tracks met new ones, a nice little Talking Heads remix á la Morales was comfortably slipped in too. With a back-catalogue as long as the Brooklyn Bridge, we could have been easily entertained until the next day – he certainly has the stamina too. Teasing us with beats and that damn perfectly ripped midriff, this was more than just a set, this was sexy. He vibes off the crowd and this near psychic connection is a symbiotic relationship as they vibe off him too. It’s like watching two lovers at play and this DJ is in love… with music and with you too. Nearly 30 years in the business and you can see why he’s loved, he’s just as fresh now as he was back then. David Morales is a work-horse, showman, Adonis need I say more?

Anek at Koko for FunkinyouClosing the night was Danish duo Anëk, where blonde ambition goes hard-core… These childhood friends Karina Jensen and Denise Jensen, pretty little things deceptively dropping dirty hard bombs that made your ears go ‘whoa’. Having held a residency at the new Sankeys night in Ibiza this season just gone, and released several tracks under VIVa MUSiC, I’m keeping my eyes on what these two will serve up next. Taking it down deep and bumpy to the end of the night if you left early you missed out. Sultry and sumptuous sounds all night long, if this night was a love affair it would be a seriously hot under the collar one-night stand!

“I am creating a place for people to forget their troubles for a while. It is important in the world we are living in today.” – David Morales