Que Madonna – Playground and get the tissues ready – no not that! It’s the final Slinky.

Featuring The Tidy Boys, Signum, Scott Bond, Lee Haslam and Gaz White (see him in 2001).

Now a former global clubbing brand, Slinky held it’s final event at The O2 Academy down in Bournemouth. This, after several years fighting to stay in the game with the ever-present credit crunch / austerity or whatever you like to call a corrupt government moving public money into private pockets, Slinky now joins a near-full graveyard of the fallen UK clubbing brands.

Director and resident DJ, Lee Haslam personally funds the events, sometimes loosing or breaking even – which is a scary thought as we know some DJs charge upwards of £10,000 for a 90-120 minute set in the UK.

Slinky has been at it’s spiritual home since 1997 when Richard Carr created its sexy swooshes (well there was a actual slinky in the logo ‘back in the day’) and beckoned the Souths youth to The Opera House. Nowadays, the venue is owned by Academy Music Group and holds a variety of events from Henry Rollins down to Orbital.

Lee, who has held the Slinky reins since 2007 said:

“We were a weekly club, then we went monthly, then quarterly.
“The numbers are OK but to survive we need to sell out every event. We have been getting 1,300 to 1,400 people in, which are good numbers, but our costs are high.”

Despite the club’s finish, the weekly Slinky Sessions radio show will still continue each Saturday on the Digitally Imported website along with the record label.                                                Watch Slinky in 2001.