Slinky TV Episode 2 really was a show-stopper – after the Storm Troopers handed in their light sabers in at the front desk, security was relaxed enough to let them in for what was one of Slinky’s most memorable birthdays.

“Slinky, I am not your father” (said no one called Darth)

First up was your quintessential Slinky resident, Dav Gomrass, followed by the bouncing Swede – Marcus Schossow.
A break from the banging trouse-music came from Federation (Ben Lost, Rich Mowatt, D. Veraven, Sascha DD) – a Live band taking influences from Depeche Mode, Old Skool trance (Goa sessions) Sisters of Mercy, Man With No Name, Sheep On Drugs and many more – including ‘that’ Goa mix from their boss-man!

After the drums were packed away off-stage, it was time for the main man from London who delivered a full spectrum of lasers that just defines a Slinky event and in some ways, pioneered the use of them for the now worldwide EDM generation.

Oakie! Oakie! Oakie! – STOP! It’s the turn of the Irish with John O’Callaghan followed by the Slinky puppeteer, Lee Haslam to pull the strings into a harder, faster dirtier playtime not fit for human consumption, except for the sell-out O2 Academy in Bournemouth Town.

Watch Slinky in 2001.