May 16th 2011 sees the release of ‘Rock Boi‘ – The Debut Single from Gak Jonze ft. City Boy aka Bradley McIntosh – ex S Club 7. We were filming on set along with Standard Cut Media and of course got some behind the scenes pictures from the various locations in Watford City Centre (see footer).

Before all that, check out the music video above and hit play on the amazon preview below.

We had Samson Pharaoh interview him after his shoot:

How did the shoot for Rock Boi go?

The shoot was awesome! I had a lot of fun naturally but also shown a lot of love! it was really cool to work with Victoria Hopkins and Alice Christian true professionals. All cast / crew were also absolutely amazing to work with. It was a really good shoot but we kinda smashed it on the free bar tho! lol I really appreciated all the love from Ego Hair Salon, Per Lui, Dominoes Pizza, American Candy Co, Revolution Watford and Hotel Chocolat they ALL gave us loads of free stuff!!

How do you find these kind of shoots – How do you entertain yourself on set whilst waiting for takes?

I love it!

I always try to mingle with extras, actors and fans and get them all involved as much possible. It’s nice meeting them all, I get proper hype off their energy!

I would LOVE to hear the back story behind the name Gak Jonze….how did it come about ? What inspired you?

A multitude of things really, but I guess it really stemmed from a time after I had given up everything selflessly to find myself with what felt like nothing! I embraced it – And as a British solo rapper it fits nicely.

I don’t suppose you come to sunny Watford often?

Yeah Watty is like 3rd home for me! I tend to come up when I get a spare day or two, it’s a nice getaway as I get to see my best mate and have a laugh

Tell us a bit about your track Rock Boi?

Rock Boi is out May 16th and it features City Boy aka Bradley McIntosh ex Sclub7 singing hook and on production. I wrote it about my experience but the deeper message is that we are all rockstars. Wether your a banker or caretaker if your loving what you do, your livin’ your dream.

Your in a band called City Boy Soul – what’s better being in a band or being solo?

Ooh Tuffy! I have to Solo, I love being solo as I can navigate and experiment a lot more as my genre preference’s are so diverse, but I do enjoy being in a band too

Whats coming up next for you, how can we find out more about you?

Pretty busy really, I’ve just laid down the voice for a new cartoon skit “Fried Rice”, -I play a secret agent lol the air date is still TBA but you can get all the updates via my website. The album is almost finished and I’ve just finished penning a 2nd single in Spanish which will be released in Gibraltar next Month called “Hay Que Vivir” (Gotta Live) ft Flamenco singer Surianne & flamenco Rock Guitarist Guy Valarino, so I’ll deaf be out there touring over summer.

You can catch me performing with Surianne May 26th @ The Troubadour in Earls Ct London see website for details

Photo Report:

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