Tritonal Filo & Peri & Salena Lima Ministry of Sound The Gallery Producers Night in HD‬

Catch Tritonal and Filo & Peris debut performance at Ministry of Sound, London for The Gallery, Producers Night part 1 – USA Invasion (well we added the Invasion bit ourselves lol). This video is available in HD (720p/1080p) on this link.

Salena Lima had Ministry of Sound covered for this one, gaining exclusive interviews in The Green Room with Chad and Dave of Tritonal (not the puppet versions, the real deal) and Domenick Filopei and Bo Pericic off Filo & Peri.

The video contains some amazing tracks from Tritonals’ album, Piercing The Quiet (ft amazing vocals of Cristina Soto) which you can buy from amazon

Tracklistings for video:

Something New (Original Mix) – Tritonal (Buy – )
Something New – In club audio – Tritonal LIVE mix (Buy – )
Ziziki (Original Mix) – Tritonal (Buy – )
Piercing Quiet (Album Mix) – Tritonal (Buy – )

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